janice. you know those people who cry over celebrities i may or may not be one of them. 

Reblog if you know who Smitty Werben Yegger Man Jensen is.


He was number 1.

Lauren going from being insanely hot to hella cute in a matter of seconds

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@AllyBrooke: It is so important to spread love to others. We all most certainly deserve it and this world would be so much better if we all thought of eachother. Each day let’s make someone smile. Ok? 

We’re Heffron Drive!




Cats and Tumblr

I cant stop laughing.

silverserenades weaponsgradegains

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Kendall Schmidt stopped by Young Hollywood to talk about new album! #HappyMistakes

Reach deep down into your twisted, bitter soul and see if you can find anything nice to say about me.

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